There is a pretty cool Urban Legend about Altoids that a friend of mine once tried to debunk.

I am responsible, to no small extent, in his girlfriends eyes, since I was the one who emailed him this sex tip.

Of course the fact that I merely acted as a vector for the meme is lost upon her; I am the guilty party for what now is bordering upon an obsession.

The idea is that the girl takes two of the curiously strong mints a couple of minutes before the fun begins.

While sucking on the mints she engages in fellatio upon her boyfriend. Apparently the combination of probing hands, an active tongue and the stimulating, refreshing mints causes a rather unusual and pleasurable sensation.

And why did I say he tried to debunk the Urban Legend?

'Cause, according to my buddy, it ain't no Urban Legend at all; it works! He attributes it's properties to eucalyptus oil on his sensitive organ. And now (obsessive fuck that he is!) that's the ONLY way he'll have it.

And I'm in an awkward position; his girlfriend thinks I'm a major pervert, and since they are friends I can't talk my girlfriend into trying it at all!

Bummer, since it actually sounds pretty cool!