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The veil falls away and an expression of utter shock and terror flashes upon her face and freezes there. Her round wide eyes dart back and forth, left and right, taking in more and more and more of the grim scene, unable to spy a single area or object that isn't absolutely ravaged. No refuge, nowhere to escape the omnipresent dark vista. She is engulfed in a deluge of awareness; in a roiling cauldron of stark reality. "Oh God, is this really what's happening? Iz zis how it truly is? No. No... Oh God, NO!" And then, "This can't be right. I am mistaken. I must be misunderstanding this vision." But she has mistaken nothing, confounded or confused none of it. It is exactly as she sees it, and even more so. Much more. The desolation extends in every direction, across every every acre, every hill, every valley, and every horizon, further than she herself has ever ventured. It seems to her the whole of the world might be so afflicted, as nowhere is there even the slightest glimmer of evidence to hint otherwise. Not a solitary instant of relief from the eternal blackness. She does not gasp as she collapses to the desolate ground, though her lungs are suddenly drained of air. A moment later and she too is as still and hopeless as the land.