I warn you, never never write the year book for your school! Picture after picture, page after page of people that you swear you have never seen before in your life: you can hear yourself saying 'I thought this person left 3 years ago.' It's just proof of the lonely life you have been leading for the past 3 years, the same life that has driven you to write the year book in the first place.

So, you've got most people's pages in, except of course the rebellious few, those that resist being told what to do and so are making a stand, only to be upset when the final book is printed because their page appears to be blank: Thats how they shall go down in history.......as a blank page.

The worst part to it all has to be when you come across the page of somebody you really hate. Its the pain of having to let this self-described "wonderful" person pass without a bad word said against them. It is far too difficult to resist adding a little "Well actually, I beg to differ" somewhere, but as the year book creator, one must hold back.

So as you sit there: 'phoning printing company after printing company, at least you can think to yourself "I'm not the only person that has been through it..." and the obvious thought of "Why did I ever do this in the first place?"

Perhaps the best thing about writing the year book is that you then get to write it up, to an audience which perhaps understands Americaniation of the world, and will, therefore, understand the integration of such things as year books or the school prom.

Although I refuse to do the prom either.