Character in the Cerebus/TMNT universe. Former apprentice of the Lord of Time. felt that he was more intelligent, handsome, and quick-witted than his lord, and stole the sceptre of time in order to usurp the throne. The lord of time was none happy about this event, and when he finally re-acquired the sceptre, he banished savanti to the begining of time, and forgot about him.

Savanti lusted after this sceptre for eons, and finally got his chance to reclaim it when a new apprentice grabbed the sceptre and transported her (and the TMNT) back to the middle ages, where Romero was ruling an army of the undead. When he finally reclaimed the sceptre, he went up against the Lord of Time once again, but this time he was prepared. Uttering the funniest line in the history of comic books ("FRY! FRY!! OXIDIZE AND DIE!!! Cook. sizzle. do something hot."), he attempted to kill his former master. when he failed in this task, he was informed that by this time, the sceptre was nothing more than a token. the Lord had upgraded to a wristwatch that was five times as compact, and many times more powerful. Banishing Savanti to the Mesozoic era, Romero lived out the rest of his life there.