An open-faced sandwich. The process to make two is as follows:

1. In a bowl, mix one can of tuna (drained, better with the tuna in oil instead of that wierd spring water stuff) and one heaping spoonful of mayo.
2. Cover two slices of white bread with the aforementioned concoction.
3. Liberally cover both slices with a layer of grated cheddar cheese. No, a little more. That's better.
4. Place bread in toaster oven and toast until bread is toast.
5. Remove and eat. Goes good with tomato soup and milk.

The original name of this sandwich is a 'Jumble Burger', ostensibly because of the jumble of cheese on top, but as a child my father mispronounced it as 'jungle' and the name has stuck.

Note that making just one is not recommended. Try one and you will understand.