Ringing. Throbbing. Ringing. Throbbing. You cannot imagine how badly it hurts to be slammed in the temple with a chin. It all started out innocently enough, a normal biweekly ultimate Frisbee game. A teammate and I went up to block a pass; a slight miscalculation occurred:SLAM! I was lying on the ground crying out in pain. This incredible ringing in my head persisted for around 2 hours or so.

I tried to study for a test to no avail.

Isotherms are…. AHHHH!!!!!!! It hurts it hurts.”

It’s amazing how we take being able to think without pain from granted. To this moment my head still hurts. I now know why boxers seem to have blank stares all the time; it hurts too much to think. Still throbbing, still not knowing if I can sleep on my side…….