Some more technical details on the Gameboy Advance:

CPU: ARM7TDMI running at 16.78MHz (an integrated Z80 is included for Gameboy compatibility, but it can't operate at the same time as the ARM)

RAM: 32KB internal and 256KB external RAM (differ in access speed only), 96KB VRAM, 1KB Palette RAM, 1KB Object Attribute RAM

ROM: 16KB system ROM (BIOS)

Gamepak (cartridge) size: up to 32MB ROM and up to 64KB SRAM

Display: 240x160 dots at a maximum of 32768 simultaneous colors, not backlit (requires a light source)

Image system: hardware support for scaling/rotating, alpha-blending, fading, and mosaic effect. Both tile-based and bitmap-based video modes. Up to 128 independent sprites.

Game controller: Directional Pad and 6 Buttons (A, B, L, R, START and SELECT)

Sound: 4 analog sound chip channels (Gameboy compatible) and 2 PCM channels (8bit), headphone plug

Communication: 1 serial communication port for multiplayer gaming

Power supply: 2 AA-type batteries required, no AC-adapter plug available.

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