Recently, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh has requsted his execution on May 16, 2001 be televised for the whole country (or at least the state of Oklahoma) to see. His rationale is that we're all victims of his crime, we have a right to see his punishment carried out (and there was already a provision to show the execution via closed circuit TV to victims and their family members who wouldn't be able to see the execution in person.)

Should we allow this? Lots of things to think about:

Overall, I think it needs to be done. Like Seumas said, I don't think people on either side of the death penalty issue can fully appreciate their opinion until they've seen an execution--seen the state end life. If you think it's graphic, horrible, inappropriate, etc., then you think so because the act itself is--since it's the state doing it, it's already public, it's just now accessible to all. If you feel it's appropriate, and just, then seeing it should reinforce your faith in what is happening.