I only have one small point to add to all the feelings here (most of which I have as well.)

Yesterday and today in the New York metro area, we had the kind of weather we get only occasionally. Brilliant sunshine, not too warm, not too cold, low humidity, a gentle breeze.

I couldn't enjoy it. Still can't. I think, though, the feeling of the weather where I was, 20 miles away from ground zero, somehow brought me a cold comfort, that perhaps things will get better someday, and despite the tragedy, that there was still some beauty in the world.

Of course, then I think about how this was probably precisely the kind of day the terrorists wanted, both for maximum media impact as well as navigation, and then I get cold again. I also think how some rain would wash away the ash and debris and perhaps metaphorically clean as well, and I wonder how long it will be before I can just appreciate the weather again. I think soon--my grief pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands in this area and around the world who have lost loved ones or have themselves perished.