I have a theory that the reason Rush hasn't written a book in over 5 years is that his audience has gradually lost the intelligence to be able to read.

Perhaps that's a bit harsh though.

In reality, I have the joy of listening to him when I visit my father who hangs on his every word. I find Rush to be a bit naive and ultimately seems to think that everything bad is the fault of liberals, who for him, are people who lack common sense. I say common sense is not owned by any political party or ideology, and that there are as many clueless conservatives as clueless liberals.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is when I listen to him I feel he is oversimplfying the issues of society and our culture, and all I can think about is all the stuff he's not considering and all the people who aren't like him and don't believe what he believes and why what he is saying doesn't make sense if you consider all of that--and maybe that's why he's a conservative and I'm, er, not.

October 8th, 2001: Limbaugh is reporting that for some reason he's gone almost completely deaf. I feel bad for him, and certainly joking about it is unfair--it's perfectly fine to go after his statements and his public persona, but this is probably something that just isn't funny.