Movie starring Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, Joan Allen, Jeff Daniels, and William H. Macy. It's about two '90s teenagers who are sucked into their TV and placed in a '50s Leave It To Beaver-esque sitcom, where the books are blank, everyone is in black and white, there's no sex, and the fire department only rescues cats.

The modern kids' influence causes colors to start appearing in the landscape and words to appear in the books, which causes a bit of a moral and spiritual crisis in Pleasantville. Also, the denizens of the town start exploring the sexual part of themselves.

It's a very fun movie, with good acting and directing, and the special effects are also very well done and not as intrusive as they could be.

The powerful moral message? Don't play with yourself or else your trees will catch fire.