A mostly complete Peter Gabriel discography: PG's post-1994 material has consisted of songs on movie soundtracks like Philadelphia and Babe, numerous guest appearances on other people's albums, lots of production work at Real World Studios, putting together various WOMAD festivals, work on the Ovo project for the Millennium Dome. The recent Up is the culmination of nearly 10 years of work on over 150 tracks of which 10 are on this album.

Peter's music is a beautiful melange of his progressive rock roots with African polyrhythms, Motown, and electronica mixed in. He was one of the pioneers to use the Fairlight CMI on recordings. His band has recently consisted of David Rhodes on guitar, Tony Levin on bass and Chapman stick, Manu Katche on drums, and David Bottrill on keyboards and production. He is one of the greatest musical visionairies of our time.