Gratuitously quoted from the Laurie Anderson FAQ:

Who is Laurie Anderson?

A poet, writer, visual artist, and social commentator, she is perhaps best known as a recording artist, one whose technical wizardry and live shows have earned her a reputation as one of the most eccentric performers in the business.

She's a lot of things. In general she's known as a "performance artist." A performance artist is an artist who works in the medium of live performance. Laurie's performances use a bewildering variety of media, including film, electronic and acoustic music, slides, costumes, and other weird effects that don't even have names.

She has made several albums, and all of them are more or less "avant-garde." She began to actually sing starting with the Album "Strange Angels." Otherwise the vocals were primarily spoken.

Some common themes in her works are airplanes, dogs, family, the United States, dreams, and language.

She's basically one of the most interesting musicians and artists out there right now. Her boyfriend is Lou Reed and she has contributed to a few of his albums, as well as vice versa Here's an incomplete discography: You owe it to yourself to listen to a Laurie Anderson album now.