I got home early this morning after spending the entire day at my 10 year college reunion. Which was good. First of all, I work where I went to college, so it's not like I'm back to see how the place has changed, but there were a good number of my classmates who I was interested in seeing (mind you, I hang out with about 10-12 of them regularly, since we all still live in the area, but may are not around as much.) Some of us started up right where we left off, and I caught up with the rest.

So that was fun. A surreal moment was talking to the university president about things and pretending like I hadn't been here the whole time. I also did that with my advisor who's a physics prof and also an alumnus so that was a lot of fun as well. They actually both played along relatively well. Oh, and I found out, that , wait for it, the University wants us to give more money. Shocking.