A common disorder among adolescent males in the early 80s. The problem was that Joan Jett and Pat Benatar kind of did look alike, both being female, with short brown hair, and both being lead singers in their own bands that produced early 80s rock music. Joan Jett was actually cool enough for guys to like, and so was Pat Benatar, but a little less so.

I'm pretty sure the confusion was helped along by the press as well, I seem to remember them getting mentioned together an awful lot. Perhaps MTV played their videos one after the other a lot. I know, though, I tend to think of them as a unit, even though I'm well aware of their differences. Frankly, I enjoyed Benatar's music a bit more, a little more synths that were what I enjoyed about the mid-80s. You know, those fat DX7 sounds. Joan Jett's straight ahead rock was fine, but seemed more simplistic to me, not as clever.