We wouldn't let mom smoke in our dorm room--I hated the stuff and my roommate was asthmatic. However, across the hall, with two of our dear female friends, she was welcome. (They had a the page of the student handbook that had a list of the illegal items in a dorm room up on the wall--as a checklist of what they had already.)

So, my mom's hanging out smoking, and my friend Deb is folding her laundry. She also had some of the laundry of her boyfriend as well, and was folding quite a few pairs of men's underwear as well as her own.

This intrigued my mother, and she asked, "Whose underwear is that?"

My friend, not knowing if the truth would offend, said, "Oh, all the girls are wearing it nowadays."

That was enough for Mom. I didn't hear anything about it from her, and in fact, later, she said, "You know that girl Deb that lives across the hall from you? She's nice. You should date her." This was after meeting my then-current girlfriend, (and now-current wife) by the way.

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