I start today. No more excuses. I am sick of my sorry fucking excuses. I am gonna do the Body for Life program by Bill Phillips. I'm not in bad shape...most people would assume I excercise regularly. Hah. I recently quit smoking cigarettes. (That SUCKS...don't ever start. But after the first two weeks the payoffs are great..taste and smell come back like someone's jacked your ass into an amplifier.) I am cutting down on drinking beer. Between these two I need a stress relief.

Mostly I'm tired of being skinny. I am SICK and FUCKING TIRED of being introduced as the "smart" one. Would someone want to be introduced and the braindead supermodel? That's what I feel like when I get introduced as "smart". My friends mean well...they think I am being complimented. I am not dumb. Is that something to be proud of...certainly. But I want it ALL. And I want to prove something for every smart kid out there. I'm gonna make a difference in my physical appearance because if I can then everyone can. I am hoping that during this 12 week program that I can shed some other bad habits, like laziness and procrastination.

How can I expect a healthy mind and spirit if I leave the body out? My father is mentally happy, and I think he's OK spiritually, but physically he's in terrible shape and it is an enormous struggle for him to change his habits. I want to form good one here and now, so it's never a terrible thing to overcome.

My good friend Scooter is in a rough place emotionally right now. He's just come out of the closet to his family and friends, and his boyfriend dumped him six weeks after. I think my girlfriend and I are about to split. (You know how you are supposed to treat live as a learning experience? I have learned one things. Sometimes you can do everything right, and STILL not be the right person for someone.) We are gonna do this program. He's in DC and I'm in Alabama, so we are gonna use email to keep each other informed and encouraged.

We are both in need of some emotional strength and right now a physical image change will help us both.

Wish me luck guys.

Besides...we might make it as contest champions and win the 100000 dollars!