Poison Ivy SUCKS. For those fortunate enough to have never experienced it, let me elaborate. It is the devil's vine, Rhus radicans L., a low creeping and climbing vine with a sap and surface oil that cause contact dermatitis. Hah. As if those innocent words could describe the maddening itch and convulsive scratching the plant induces.

I was doing yard work at my new house yesterday, and I seem to have encountered a fair sized path sometime during the afternoon. I awoke at 4 AM with both arms inflamed and itching. After a cold shower I was able to sleep again, but upon awakening at six, my eyes were swollen almost shut. I'm debating on going to the doctor for a cortisone injection, as that's about all that relieves the symptoms for me. This bites.

Misty called and apoligised for her behavior on Friday. *sigh* I am just not sure about dating someone with bipolar disorder. Especially one who is stubborn and pushy even on medication. I suppose I can be patient at least, and see if she levels out after she's off the antibiotics, and her AD drug levels return to normal. I hope so. Ah shit the phones ringing again...better get back to work.