Today I go back to college.

I've taken from the fall of '98 off, and now I'm returning to school as a full time student. I'm scared. Excited too. I'm attending at Virginia College in Birmingham, Alabama. It's what is termed a career college, meaning it has less emphasis on liberal arts and more on vocational training. For me that mean more computer stuff...I got my A+ certification two days ago. That was placed me into school two quarters further along. My fiance was pleased...she's looking forward to a life after school for us. Speaking of fiances'...

In the last 7 months I've

  • bought a house
  • lost my job
  • started a business
  • gotten engaged
  • returned to school
  • gotten my first professional certification
It's been a crazy time, but probably the most exciting of my life.

Hope tomorrow goes well...I can't wait.