O-goshi, is a throw used in jiu-jitsu, judo, and other wrestling like martial arts.

It is the first throw taught because it is simple, and effective. The o-goshi throw is effective in two aspects, first because it can severely stun or injure an unprepared opponent, and second because it teaches a novice a great deal about their balance and about technique, which will useful with more advanced maneuvers.

An o-goshi throw is dangerous against a trained, or simply a prepared opponent because you must turn away from them so that your back is facing them directly. Obviously, having your back to somebody who really wants to hurt you and isn't stunned or surprised in the least is a bad thing.

    To perform an o-goshi (at your own risk ;))
  1. step the inside (the side your uke will land on) foot just inside theirs
  2. slip the arm on the same side of your body around the back and grab the hip of your uke, grab their upper arm on the same side with your other hand
  3. bend your knees slightly and your body forward so that your hips are slightly below your uke's
  4. pop up at the hips (with your knees) so that you lift your uke off the ground. It should be easy to hold your uke, no matter their size, because you're supporting their weight directly over your hips
  5. help gravity by tugging on the arm you have in your hand, your uke will land on the ground with a thud. (unless they know the breakfall)