The Monoxides are a rock band from Moncton, New Brunswick. Powerful riffs and driving rock and roll are the order of the day when you play a Monoxides song. Amazingly one of only a few non-Eric's Trip related bands from Moncton to be well recognized.

"In 1988, Steve Hickox and Ken Kelley started "The Monoxides" when they asked fellow musicians P.J. Dunphy and Derek Robichaud to join the band. With the Handsome Boy release of "Out Of The Marsh" in 1995, The Monoxides started to establish a nation wide fanbase. The rockers toured North America throughout '95 and '96, and had been signed by BMG Canada in early 1995. At this point, The Monoxides would record Galaxy of Stooges in 1996 with Moe Berg of "The Pursuit Of Happiness" fame producing the album in Toronto. A Canadian tour was then established, as The Monoxides toured with the likes of ZZ Top, The Headstones, The Pursuit Of Happiness, Rusty, and Our Lady Peace."
--Kyle McDonald

The Monoxides discography is as follows

  • Dust (Cassette - June '92)
  • Slobber (Cassette - Jan. '93)
  • Bloyt (7" Vinyl - Nov. '93) - Superbob Records
  • Stuck In The Basement 3 (Cassette - Dec. '94) - Superbob Records
  • Out Of The Marsh (CD/Cassette - July '95) - Handsome Boy/Superbob
  • Galaxy Of Stooges (CD/Cassette - Mar. 97) - Vik/BMG Music Canada
  • Hints & Shortcuts (CD - Aug. '98) - Superbob Records
  • The Free Release Of Energy (CD - Aug '00) - Superbob Records