Wow, I'm noding again. I forgot how much of a release it was to do daily logs.

Anyways, today has been great for me. No really fucking great... First it starts out with a whole bunch of school happenings that would take up too much time to type out. (Fast forward to right after school) I'm driving to work on the interstate, and with the way the semi drivers were driving today, you would think they're trying to help me save gas by pushing the back of my car down the road with their bumper. I'm beginning to agree with Rayford(sp?) on John Boy and Billy who refers to the interstate as "Interstate Hell".

Then when I get to my dream job (no sarcasm here, $10/hr and i'm only 17 :)), I find out that the only job I have to do right now is image almost 600 PC's for a replacement project I'm doing. The only problem is, that is all I do, I image the machine and set it aside and get another one ready... boring. No going out on the floor and installing, just sitting in my workarea with no radio, no games, no porn, no nothing.

Damn... I wish me and my boss got along better, its been hell since he first came into power.
My duties used to include going out on the floor and handling mission critical problems and even going into the OR and fooling with the computers in there. I got to see some neat shit while I was in there. Now it's "No Biggs, you can't do anything except sit on your ass for 5 hours in front of a computer running ghost." While I would normally jump for joy with just sitting on my ass, it looks like this is what I'm going to be doing all summer long.