Hey all, Long time no node. I really just dropped off the face of the earth for a while, my life has been so hellacious.

First it starts out with a good friend of mine that I've worked with on campus for about a year now and befriended long ago shot himself over the weekend. Totally unexpected... He had some surgery done (unknown specifics) and was in a lot of pain. But was about to make it, but the dark side got to him and at least now he's resting in peace.

Next, that same weekend, I total my car. And yes it was my fault. I had missed a turn and went on down the road. I did not see that the road split off and became a 2 lane/one way street. So I was moseying along in the right lane until I found a place to turn around. Stop, look, other standard things to do when turning... I start to make my turn... BAM, So now I have to head to Kingsport and get an estimate for insurance and if I have enough money, fix it.

So fast forward to last night. Your not really missing anything other than me being depressed and hassled all day by my parents and cops. At about 2 am a friend comes online about ready to kill herself. I try and try and try to help her and smack some sense into her. Eventually I calm her down enough to put the knife away, I just hope she doesn't do anything stupid before I can talk to her again.

So my last couple weeks in a nutshell... otherwise known as hell in a shell. I'm really going to try to put all my papers and stuff I learn on E2 again. I need something to consume my time so I don't stay depressed.