This has been the worst fucking day of my life.

I had to run a couple errands today, so after breakfast and everything I start out. Everything goes fine... Got my car tags, got my paycheck, ate lunch with my girl, went to ETSU to submit my loan papers... and from there everything went to hell.

I had just pulled out of ETSU when I noticed my temp gauge was about to red line, so I pulled into a local Hardees and opened my hood. The radiator looked like it was smoking a whole pack of cigarettes it was steaming so much, and the reserve tank was shaking so much it looked like we were having an earthquake. Some dude that worked there came over and his jaw dropped on the ground as he saw the radiator... He was like "Dude, I've never seen anything like that..." Yea, your a great help dipshit...

So I sat there about 15 minutes while it was cooling down so I could put some water in there, and all of the sudden it started pouring. So I hopped in the car, closed the sunroof and all the windows and turned on the AC to keep the car cool. Everything was fine and dandy until the sunroof started to leak. By this time, the rain was getting so hard, I couldn't see halfway across the 4 lane. And when I say a leak, i mean a huge leak, so I went to a bank drive-thru and I think everyone who went by me was laughing their ass off. So I stayed at the bank drive-thru for two hours having a constant supply of paper towels sent to me by the tube system just trying to dry the inside of the car off. So I finally got home after spending 3 or 4 hours being pissed off at my car.