I learned something funny about the hopsital I work in yesterday.

Going along with the Joint Commission standards we are required to have monthly fire drills. With all the nurses knowing it's about time for the drill, they always tell the patients that it's only a drill, except for one area... the Psych ward. That is were they always call the Code Red at. No one in their right mind is ever up there other than visitors and nurses, but me and a co-worker just happened to get caught up there to behold the sight of a fire drill while it happened.

We were working on a PC at the nurses' station when they called it, and all of the sudden you hear every door swing wide open and all the people up there were running towards the only exit door screaming bloody murder. Before the nurses got it calmed down there were about 10 people piled up on the magnetic lock door trying to get out. One person was even trying to break out their window... on the 6th floor, to get out.

I don't know how those nurses kept a straight face while all this was happening, and I have to hand it to them for doing that, but me and my co-worker were rolling on the floor.

Now I mean no offence to the noders who might have a family member in the psych ward, but this was just too funny to pass up noding.