You know I'm really starting to like being able to see what votes are what.

I went back on some of my old nodes that did good and found that maybe 1 or 2 votes out of 30 were downvotes, that makes be feel even better about those nodes.

But when I looked back on my most popular daylog, it shocked me. When vote dumping time comes, people arent kidding when they say the daylogs are a bombing run. I found that on my highest ranking one i have +40/-18. Thats 58 votes wasted on a daylog. Thats unreal.

Now I am guilty of votedumping a bit, but not to that extent. I may dump 10-15 a week out of my 140. Try not to waste your votes on something that really doesn't deserve it, there are other nodes out there that deserve it more than daylogs. Now I see no problem in it if you like it or totally disagree with it, but please give your votes to other, more creative nodes.

/me steps down from soapbox