A name for a key on mac keyboards.

Most mac addicts don't know why the heck Apple chose a cloverleaf for the key. The original Apple IIs only had an "Open Apple"(White) and "Closed Apple"(Black) on the keyboard. When Apple developed the Macintosh, they wanted broad changes, new ideas, and cooler looking.

The engineers looked everywhere. Finally, one of the employees (her name escapes me) finally saw the cloverleaf in a book. The symbol is Swedish, and means "Power."

Looking at it, it is pretty cool, but confusing for First Time Users, as well, as tech support had diffiulty describing it on the phone. As a result, Apple kept the Apple key logo on the same key, and they never got around to phasing out the older Apple symbol.

The most popular names are Command and Cloverleaf, or just the Apple Key.