This is an interesting assertion of Islam. It's not really dogma, but if you follow the reasoning, you should draw the same conclusion.

In terms of what's created, there's a clear distinction: God, and everything else. In the latter category, there are two basic categories; whatever is surrendered to God's will, and whatever is resisting God's will.

Here's the line of reasoning:
1. God made the universe and existence as we know it.
2. Therefore, God made the laws of physics to control the universe, like Gravity, orbits, atomic structure, and nuclear fission.
3. All matter, like rocks, planets, water, and atoms obey these laws.
4. Since God created all the natural laws, all the physical material out there obeys it. It's doing what it was created to do.
5. Therefore, the entire nonliving universe is considered to be surrendering to God's all-powerful Will.
6. The word Muslim means "One who submits to God" in Arabic. Therefore, the universe is Muslim.

Think about it, the computer you're typing on is obeying the laws of physics. Gravity is holding it down, electrons are flowing through the pathways of least resistance, etc. Planets are moving in their predicted orbits. Animals are following their instinct, so they are running on God's programming.

It's not like your computer has a choice; it has no free will, only humans are given that. You yourself are free to disobey God, while the objects around you cannot. You are free to not be a Muslim if you want (though you're born as a Muslim without original sin and convert to another religion when you get older.) Actually, your body is Muslim also. Your organs and Muscles follow what you tell them, since that's what God made them for.

It's not that the universe follows a certain religion, it only follows God. If you're a Christian, you could say the universe is Christian, though I don't think I've heard a theologician make the assertion. Either way, the universe submits to the same God.