A darn cool movie starring Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson.

Geena plays a girl named Samantha Kane. She's a schoolteacher, engaged, and has amnesia. She was found on a beach and pregnant, and can't remember anything about her past, not even her name except the ID on her person.

Lately she's been getting nightmares, recalling things like how to throw knives. One day a crazed maniac shows up and tries to kill her at home. All of a sudden she knows martial arts training, when did she learn that?

She hires a private detective, Samuel J. Jackson, who uncovers addresses and phone numbers. She calls an old friend, who shows her that she used to be an assasin for the US government. Somehow she got amnesia on her last mission and believed her false identity.

After her old target tries to kill her, she gets all of her memory back, and goes from a conservative schoolteacher to a seductive assasin, a la La Femme Nikita.

It's a pretty good action movie directed by Renny Harlin (director of Die Hard 2 and Deep Blue Sea), with a lot of comedy thrown in. A solid R Rating for lots of language and violence.

This is the my favorite movie with Geena Davis, she's like some kind of female James Bond, funny, and dangerous. Samuel L. Jackson comes accross as a cool motherfucker, they make a great team.

makes an ass out of "U" and "mption"!