A former popular weatherman on WABC-TV, who first worked for NBC with a wooden sidekick known as "Uncle Weatherbee". He used to be a NBC page, then got a job doing the weather, and was pretty popular, though not as highly paid as Al Roker.

According to Bob Tilden, who wrote a column reminiscing, "His nightly weather report was a wonderful mix of weather, cartoon art, and storytelling. He would start his weather segment standing next to an easel covered by blank papers, and he would proceed to draw the weather systems that were pertinent to the nation and the area. As his hands drew in the lows, highs, and fronts, his voice would narrate their past and expected movements, and what their effects would be. As he filled page after page of the easel, building the map as he described each feature, he engaged his audience. He instructed the viewers about their weather, rather than just informing them of a forecast."

Soon after, he became the weatherman for ABC. Sometime during the late 70's, he was fired for severe inappropriate misconduct on Live TV.

His weather spot came up just after a report of a violent rape case. Tex thereupon said about the last story, ``Confucius says, `If rape be inevitable, just lie back and enjoy it.' '' This so-called joke got him first suspended, and then fired. Supposedly some said he was a little drunk at the time. The incident was a major news story at the time, and caused as big a scene as Soopy Sales.