I'm having a tough time choosing a name. Too many good ones.

Actually, let me start over again. During the past 6 months I've decided that Islam is the true path for me, and I've officially become a Muslim in July 2002. If you read my writeup on Islam, you'll see what I do now.

Putting all the obstacles and problems with my family aside for a moment (though I'd love to chat about how it's going, /msg me), one of the things I can do is pick a new name.

Like Confirmation for Catholics, it's recommended that you pick a new name, to symbolize your rebirth into your faith. It's not required of course (unless your name was Zeus or something Pagan), but I'd like to choose one anyway. I'm not going to have it legally changed, but I'd like to take on a nickname.

I have a few criteria, it must have 2 syllables (Sulayman is the exception), sound nice, and have a good meaning that matches what I am. Oh, and it should be masculine. I'll probably pick a first and middle, like 2 first names.

After poring over a list (www.ummah.net/family/masc.html) for a while, I'm still sort of stuck. There are so many good ones, that I can't really choose. Here's what I'm going to do. All of you pick one that you think is the best, and /msg me. It's not a vote, but I just want to see what people generally think. I'm not associating your name with what you say, so don't think about that. Either give me one or two or combine them into a good name, and I'll ponder. I'm not going to tell you what I think, and I don't know if anyone will change my mind.

The contenders I like best (in no order):

Karim, Kareem - Generous, noble, friendly, precious and distinguished

Bilal - Name of the Prophet's Muezzin who announced the prayer.

Sulayman - name of a prophet, Solomom, who also had treasure and an army of jinns

Tariq - The brightest star

Saladdin, Salahuddin -Righteousness of the Faith, a noble

Rashad - Integrity of conduct

Rashid - One of good council; rightly guided, having true faith

Nadeem - Friend

Jibreel - Archangel (Gabriel)

Azim, Azeem - defender

Aladdin - Nobility of Faith

Imran - father of Mary, a beautiful vision that takes your breath away

Jazakh Allahu Khair, Thank You
Hmm, I seem to have a few good ones, I never contemplated many of them before. I don't like really long ones though.

Kareem Nadeem
Sulayman Rashid Kareem
Talib (Student)
Tariq Kareem
plain Sulayman
Bilal Rashad (don't know if two first names work too well like that)
Sulayman Tariq Kareem Nadeem (As much as I like all those names, I don't know if I want that many)