Watching the news this morning made my jaw drop.

All the SATs taken worldwide are mailed to Princeton, New Jersey. Unfortunately due to most if not all of the anthrax coming from Princeton, the entire post office is closed, the mail quarantined.

Noooooo! My SAT is in there! The November SATs have been held in there for over a week, and not delivered, much less graded.

I wouldn't be upset if it weren't for 2 reasons:

  • It was a far easier SAT than any of the other 4 I've taken, and I feel much, much more confidant.
  • I'm applying Early Decision to Columbia University. A substantially higher score could really boost my chances.
The college announces their decision on December 15, 2001. Here's hoping they do something about it, irradiate the mail or whatever. Most people in my class are understandably upset. I'll have to call when I get the chance.

Where are the ACTs graded? Oh, pretty much all over the country, except The Garden State. Whew.