A pretty funny comedy. It's a big irreverant parody of pretty much every teen movie ever made, with a couple of cameos.

Basically the plot from the following movies is combined. There is no real plot, per se. You just have to go along and spot the scenes from movies you recognize, mostly John Hughes movies. This movie was not meant to be taken seiously, ie. It's low-brow entertainment and the critics by default hate it. See also Dude, Where's my Car? for more comparison on that genre.

Let me see if I can sum up the plot (which is really stitched together so badly you'll laugh): At John Hughes high school the jock guy from Varsity Blues gets dumped by his girlfriend for the guy from American Beauty with the camera. He gets into a bet about turning a girl into the Prom Queen, a la She's all That. They pick a "pretty/ugly" girl who's from the other side of the tracks like Pretty in Pink and he gets the cruelest girl to help him (Cruel Intentions). He pulls some Ten Things I hate about you stunts to win her over, while there are some background American Pie, Can't Hardly Wait, Bring it On, and Never been Kissed humor mixed in.

The jokes are generally funny, less gross than Scary Movie, and of course there's nudity. It has a solid R rating and a pretty good soundtrack, with some remakes of 80's music, one even done by Marilyn Manson (whose Music Video of Tainted Love appears on the DVD)

As for a date movie..eh, the kiss scenes are interrupted with some comedy and a cameo by Molly Ringwald from Pretty in Pink, and I couldn't find a right time to put an arm around my date. Take a friend to it, though, it makes you feel good if you can recognize the movies and laugh.

Saige says I think that the library was the same library as in the breakfast club... and I think the house they showed for the party was Ferris Bueller's house. I think Jake's house in the movie was the same house as the Jake in Sixteen Candles.