EMT/Paramedic lingo for a "Nonrebreather mask."

A type of Oxygen mask in which new air is pumped in every time you take a breath, not recycled with what you just exhaled, not like on airplanes.

Usually the EMT captain will put on the NRB after checking the AVPU and CUPS status, and checking the airway, breathing, and respirations. For adults, the victim is usually given up to 15 liters/minute. For children it's less than half that.

The NRB allows for unassisted breathing, meaning they are breathing on their own. However, if the respirations go below 8, or above 30, (the normal amount is 20 breaths a minute for an adult) someone will have to assist. There is rescue breathing (ie. mouth-to-mouth rescuisation) or using a BVM(bag valve mask), like you see on ER where someone squeezes the bag every 5 seconds to push air into the lungs.