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The world's youngest college graduate. He was enrolled in college at age 6 ([Santa Rosa Junior college]), but could first speak at 6 months. He went to kindergarden at age 3.

Michael recently received his fourth [Guinness World Record] at the age of fourteen by graduating from [Middle Tennessee State University] with a [Masters degree in Chemistry]. And his sister [Maeghan] at the age of ten began college and is currently a sophomore.

You saw him on TV with [Jay Leno], [Oprah], [Sally Jessy Raphael], [Barbara Walters] and [Donahue]. He said one of his [dream career]s after he graduates with a masters is to be a [game show host].

You can read his parents' book [Accidental Genius], which says how you too can enroll your children years ahead of the curve. This is an excellent [book] about how the parents of two profoundly gifted children struggled to help them flourish in an educational environment that did not recognize their needs. Although there is quite a bit of [literature] about [parenting] gifted children, there is not much to read about the profoundly gifted children. The first two thirds of the book describe the parents' efforts to educate their children from infancy through (early) college. There are some very interesting differences between their two children that really make the differences between the concepts of giftedness and achievement very clear. The last third is general information about giftedness and the [profoundly gifted].