So ridiculous I must reply to this. Deep Breath

Police departments are just that. Departments. There are sections and divisions, organized crime, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, gang-related issues.

Do you believe that cops are spending more money and time on sting operations than stopping domestic violence, gang wars, serial killers, and rapists?

Ok, so the libertarian party, (whom I don't wish to diss), wants us to believe that too much time is being spent on suppressing the drug trade. That may or may not be the case, but cutting back on that corner won't give you lower violent crime rates. That's where the study in the preceding writeup is misleading. I can give you a list of many studies that show the increase of drugs will lead to an increase in crime.

Didn't we just go through the whole 1990's talking about this? In theory, once your addiction takes away all your money, possessions and job, you are turned to any way possible to find money. Therefore crime goes up. I don't see drugs on the top list of convictions. Sure, it's disproportionately high, but I don't see legalized drugs as the solution. What about DUI? People driving with marijuana in their system are insanely reckless people. I just can't trust that.

Perhaps I'm missing a point, and in some cases an understaffed police force may be spending too much time on drug crime. Legalizing drugs probably won't do much good in that respect, it will just worsen violent crime, which goes hand-in-hand with drugs. The preceding study just sounds like an excuse to hide behind a reason for legalizing pot, and throwing in an excuse that is too inflammatory.