Also a small village on Fire Island, which is in New York State. It's not an incorporated one, meaning the tax money from the larger town of Islip goes towards it. Since it's mostly summer houses, Islip spends next to nothing on it since few people there vote and it's on the edge of the town's borders. As a result, the sidewalks are all dirt and cracked, and there aren't many public facilities within.

The village is very popular with college-age people, and has beaches on 2 sides, but since it's not incorporated, gets its budget from the mainland, therefore little money spent on new sidewalks. Great place, it has 2 restaurants, mostly a summer town, but fun.

It also unofficially has the highest amount of liquor consumed out of all the towns on the island. I walk by and see trash can upon trash can filled to the brim with empty beer bottles. Once, when I was 11, a stranger gave me a full 6-pack.

Kismet is also a Persian word, that translates to "inescapable fate." Although several Farsi-speaking countries use the word, it is not part of Islamic teachings, as you are not "fated" to do anything you don't want to, you still have free will.