I dislocated my kneecap.

My sister was going to her friend's end of 8th grade party. I was invited too, so I went with them to the catering hall. There was a DJ, and a dance floor, food, pictures, leis, and some glowsticks.

This means we'll be looking forward to raving, skanking, and some ska first.

So, they're playing ska first. Somebody ripped their lei and started twirling thier new ribbon around. I thought "cool" and decided to do the same, this time with 2 and walking backwards as Save Ferris is played. Suddenly, somebody slams into me from the side and I go down. As I fall in slow motion, I think, "darn."

I land on the ground, and twist my leg, bringing a stab of pain. The guy rolls off me, and I suddenlyh feel the urge to make sure I didn't break anything. I try to move my leg. I can't! I freak out, and my sister wonders why I am not getting off the ground. I start palpating my leg as I learned in EMT class, and I got the shock of my life. Instead of my kneecap, I feel a large gap of sagging skin. I freaked. My sister kneels, a look of concern. I tell her call an ambulance, I think I broke my leg.

I sit up, because I start to hyperventilate, sure I'll pass out. Suddenly a bunch of parents and chaperones run over. 3 of them are doctors one determines I have dislocated my kneecap. All I am thinking is how this will put a damper on my day, and I'll need crutches.

I look up, and I am drawing a crowd. I crack a smile, and say how this is ruining the party. I wasn't really feeling lots of pain, maybe it was shock. I start singing along to Jennifer Lopez to take my mind off the pain as the ambulance shows up. Even though I am making a few people panic, I still made the crowd laugh at how nonchalant I was, commenting on how good the music was.

Finally, the ambulance shows up, and I am asked what happen. Without even breaking a sweat, I calmly explain how it happened. He puts a pillow splint on my kneecap. I am loaded into the ambulance, my sister comments on how well I am taking this, how I am acting like Spock. We get there, and I go right through the crowded waiting room, (yes!) into the ER and this doctor who looks like Andy Dick takes one look, says "Tell me when it hurts."





There were 4 other dislocated kneecaps that day in the ER. I got a lot of icepacks to take home, and had to take some X-Rays taken with a lead cup to shield radiation.

I went home with some Tylenol #3s with codeine. I got to use a wheelchair the next day, downgraded to crutches, then limping. The upside is I get an elevator key in the high school, and a late pass until the end of the school year. Oh, and I can ask people to get stuff for me, not me getting up.

Since I collapsed in front of half the middle school, I've been getting a lot of get well IMs, but I missed the raving, the skanking, and the glowsticks.