On the show Invader Zim, he did a few voices, but was listed in the credits under a pseudonym "Mr. Scolex."

The name caused quite a bit of debate on the message boards on various fan sites. Why? Who?

Apparently he's the voice of the computer, made much deeper I imagine by the sound crew during production. Unfortunately I can only imagine him as saying "Processing" while writhering in pain and baritoneness.

I saw this interview/chat with him on RevolutionSF.com:
Interviewer: Question that the hardcore fans will get but some of us won't know: "Why do you use the name Mr. Scolex in the end credits of Invader Zim for the characters you voice? Does the name have any significance?"
JhnenV: Scolex is actually a character i have never used in any of my books before.
JhnenV: He's a little insect character.
JhnenV: it's a tapeworm fascination.
JhnenV: mr Scolex was supposed to be one of johnny's little voices.
JhnenV: Like mr. Eff, but he never made it in.

Oh, and his hair keeps changing color. One time it was orange, I heard most recently it's purple.

The interview (which I suggest you check out) is at http://www.revolutionsf.com/article/552.html

He lives or lived in San Jose, and dated one of azzer's friends in High school.