Hellsing is a 13-episode anime series, with a dark motif: Vampires.

The show basically revolves around a secretive government organization in Great Britain, the Hellsing Institute. It's their job to track down and destroy vampires as well as the undead (ie. ghouls) who are a threat to the UK and the Queen. Not all vampires though, in fact, they have some vampires on their team. That's the simple plot, but the show deals with hunting down powerful vampires, a power struggle with the Vatican's own Catholic Vampire Hunter division; who hates the Anglican Hellsing organization, and someone "manufacturing" vampires.

The show is dark, most of the scenes are predominantly black and red. There's not much violence, but lots of blood visible at times (Vampires, what did you expect?). There is a kind of vampire-Noir present, battles, the undead. Plus, vampires are just cool.

The principal characters are:

  • Sir Integral Wingates Hellsing - Daughter of the Institution's founder, she is the current leader of the organization. Obsessed with her work, she directs her people seemingly tirelessly. She's a bit ferocious, giving out commands, but not usually losing her cool. Her hair is gray, but not from age, and has circular glasses.
  • Nosferatu Alucard - A Vampire. Not just any vampire, but perhaps the most powerful one alive. There is some hinting that he is perhaps Dracula himself. He's perhaps the main character of the series, the sort of good guy. Ms. Integral is his master, through reasons not entirely clear, she manages to keep him under control, limiting his powers. When unleashed, he has some pretty cool paranormal powers, what I can only describe as hound from hell. He wears a red trenchcoat, a flat round hat, circular sunglasses, and has a large Desert Eagle type gun. I like to think of him as a demented Vash the Stampede, a character on a totally different series, Trigun.
  • Celes Victoria - A newbie vampire, starts off as a cop in the first episode, but was the sole survivor of a vampire attack. She gets bitten by Alucard, saving her life as a result. Since Alucard made her a vampire, she considers him her master of sorts, and acts like his protegĂ©.