A comic drawn by Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. As he puts it, it's very popular by the homeless who are insane, only they seem to have the comics.

It is in black and white, drawn only in pen, but really really scribbled. Happy Noodle Boy is a stick figure with a big frowny head and a single hair. He runs around screaming incoherent quasi-obscenities and making havoc.

To those who don't grasp the subtle, Jhonen Vasquez writes comics for a living. He says not killing people is one of his inhibitions. His character, JTHM is a comic strip writer, and is obsessed with killing people.

Obviously, there is a connection, meaning writing this is an outlet for the author. For example, some stuff like meeting a crazed goth fan.

This comic-with-a-comic, HNB, is much less coherent, even though the rest of the comic JTHM is pretty articulate, though if you read this stuff, you'll know how disturbed Jhonen Vasquez must be.

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