A former attraction at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida (oops, and most other Disney resorts), starring Michael Jackson.

The details are sorta sketchy as the show's been gone for years it closed worldwide in 1997. In its place is Honey I shrunk the Audience! at EPCOT (a better show). It wasn't a ride, it consisted of a large theater with an Imax size screen and everyone wearing polarized 3-D glasses, watching a 15 minute show.

The premise is that Michael Jackson, aka Captain EO is the leader of a ragtag group of muppets who bring freedom to other planets. In their mission, they are captured by an evil leader.

As they drag him to the dungeon, one of the elephant-looking Muppets finally fixes the Synthesizer and blasts them with music. Michael Jackson takes center stage and dances. A really cool choreographed dance and lightshow later, all the bad guys shrink away like Blue Meanines and the totally dark villan turns all bright and colorful.

Very easy to understand as a little kid, and probably the first time I appreciated Pop.

You can read the (short) script and details at http://www.intercot.com/edc/Imagination/eo.html

The full 16min movie is now on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AstW05bDiQU