A funny movie of 1986 starring Rodney Dangerfield, Sally Kellerman, Burt Young, Ned Beatty, and Robert Downey Jr. in his first acting role.

The premise is simple, Dangerfield is a rich businessman. His son is unenthusiastic about college, so he moves in with him to get a degree. It's funny because he tries using his money to solve all his problems, he gets three dorm rooms and converts it into one luxury room.

Dangerfield is a big hit on campus: always throwing the biggest parties, knowing all the right people, but is this the way to pass college? He pays NASA to do his astronomy homework, and pays Kurt Vonnegut to write a literature paper...on Kurt Vonnegut's life. Vonnegut gets a great cameo, but the punch line is that the paper gets an F. "Obviously whoever you paid to write this knows nothing about Vonnegut!"

Obviously the plot is a bit silly, but it's entertaining. If you like Rodney Dangerfield, go see this movie, you'll love when he performs Twist and Shout.

I think the best part of the entire movie is when they're trying to register for classes. His chauffer holds up a sign by the limo with Bruce Springstein's name on it. All the students rush out to mob the car while Dangerfield, his son, his son's girlfriend, and Robert Downey Jr. have the pick of classes.

NB- I never saw the whole thing, so I took the plot from IMDB.