Allahu Akbar is probably the most commonly spoken phrase today. There are over a billion Muslims out there and since this is said during each stage of prayer, which is supposed to be performed five times a day, it adds up to being spoken over a billion times a day worldwide, by a conservative estimate. Even if they don't say it, they can also hear it, since it's proclaimed loudly as part of the Azan at mosques.

The phrase is actually short for "Allahu Akbar min kullisay" which means God is greater than everything.

Allahu Akbar translates to "God is greater." (Gritchka says _akbaru_ is an elative form, meaning greater, greatest, or very great.) Greater than what, you say? Well, God is the being who created all existence and things and ideas on earth, right? Muslims leave the phrase unfinished, so whatever you can think of, God is greater than that, too. God is the greatest.

Allahu Akbar!