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To sponge off the reality teet.
I take a mean nap.
I plead the 5th & every other #.
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I'm grew up in Ohio and escaped to California (okay, first I accidentally escaped to New England but they had winter there too. Can you believe it?). As a Black dude, I find I enjoy taupe colored computer gear better than Dell's 97% gray on 96% Gray. I've worked in printing for long enough to call it a career; well, and/or a prison sentence.

I found the best wife so everyone else should settle for the one you're with.

I'm actually against excess verbiage, but the average person, in 2006, is still not employing enough of it, so it's up to the few, the proud, the verbose to even out the averages by yammering on. Please, dear God, grade on a curve.


Born in 63, I grew up some form of feminist, radical, anarchist, 24hr@LM instead of Indy, steak instead of tofu, Once Upon a Time in The West instead of The Duke, sarcastic, cynical, skinny, Black dude in an Izod polo. I'm with Aristotle against Plato and Zeno against Newton. I don't understand why it took three men to play "Spock" in ST:NG (Warf, Data, and sometimes Gordy).

Tools don't interst me. Solving "problems" does. And the best tool for that is actually patience (which isn't compatible with Bill Gates' "New Digital World Order").

Hence, please remember that what practice makes it permanent. It's patience that makes perfect (maybe).