Would you care to join me for phone cords alfredo? I'm sure my bunny would. Well, she might not like the alfredo sauce.

I woke this morning to find my phone cords chewed through again. Ok, so moxie's not really eating them, she's just hell-bent on destruction. Of most of my personal property, that is. Some of it she tears apart, other stuff she eats.

Sheets, for example. I am missing chunks of blankets and such. I have a hard time finding pristine sheets sure to impress a man whom I'd like to have under and amongst them, for a nice hop in the sack.

Books. Never lend me any. I unthinkingly leave them on my bedstand with the bunny loose, and that's quite a yummy snack for her. Nevermind the carrots in her cage, the alfalfa hay she was going wild for a minute earlier. That book is her nicotine, her addiction. Hardcover or paperback, she'll chew right through.

I won't go through the list of things she's harmed/destroyed, because you might think I'm a bad bunny-mom. Sure, she lost a tiny patch of fur when she chewed that electrical cord. It grew back! I really do try to keep an eye on her, but she's black, which is the color of ninjas, which means she's very sneaky. And I'm getting very tired, and silly, so I'll end this now.