As most people know, Se7en was a great psychological thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, and was directed by Fight Club director David Fincher. Now it has been several years since its release so it is due for a sequel.

It will be called Ten. Many of you have probably already guessed what its premise is. In Se7en there was a serial killer who used the seven deadly sins as his method of murder. In Ten(spelled 10en by the way), a killer will use the Ten Commandments as his method of murder.

Of course, the films budget will be much smaller than Se7en, so there will be no Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt or David Fincher. Alas a somewhat telented group will be assmebled to pull it off nevertheless. Taking over where Pitt and Freeman left off are Cuba Gooding Jr. and Skeet Ulrich, who we have seen in the stinker Chill Factor. The director by the way is Rob Reiner, make your own assumptions on that one folks...

No matter which way you look at it, it never will reach the amazement of Se7en, but it should be something we can sit back and enjoy because it is so utterly easy to laugh at!