Recipe for a great meal :

It takes a little bit of olive oil, carrots, zucchini, cheese and raw egg roll wrappers. That's it!

If you want to make the whole package of wraps then it will take a bag of full carrots (one of the small bags from the local grocery store), and one large or three small zucchinis. You will also need the equivalent of 1 and 1/2 to 2 cups of cheese.

This of course is done to taste, so it will depend on you, but don't let previous hostility toward zucchini impair your judgment. I dislike the stuff with a passion on anything besides this.

Once your carrots and zucchini are peeled, grate them. Nothing too fine, just enough to make it edible once cooked. I recommend placing them on two different plates to do this because each one should pretty much fill a plate. Also grate the cheese the same way, though you won't use as much of that. If you buy a previously shredded cheese then one bag will be plenty.

Next place the olive oil into a frying pan until there is about a 1/2" turn that on to heat up. Medium heat should be fine.

Open up the package of wraps and if you have enough space lay them all out on a clean dry surface. (I say dry because if they get wet they will be sticky and will not hold together.) If you don't have enough space you can work from the top of the stack down, but it's harder to guess proportions.

In each egg roll wrapper place the amount of carrots that you can grab with three fingers. This will vary depending on how much of each item you have, but this is what I tend to use. Do the same for the zucchini and about 1/2 that of cheese.

I generally do a lesser amount first and then go back over and even them all out when I know I have enough. When all of your ingredients are expended to your desires it's time to fold them.

Folding is an art form, and I don't have it, but here's what I do:

Fold up a corner so that you can gently tuck it underneath the stuffing, then fold in both sides and roll it until the opposite corner from where you started is attached gently to the outside. Yeah, basically like a burrito.

I have seen others create flat squares and others do some sort of triangle, you'll have to play with it and figure out what you like.

Turn the oil down to a medium-low and place them lightly in the frying pan to cook. A light to medium brown is better for taste. Turn them once or twice or more as needed. The insides will cook as the outside does. If they are cooking too rapidly or are burning turn the heat down to low.

When they are finished place them on paper towels to get the excess grease off of them and serve when ready. They hold the heat amazingly well, so be careful!

They go really well with sweet and sour sauce, or ranch dressing I am told. I like them plain. I also love leftovers almost more than I like the originals, so don't be afraid to make extra.

They're addictive :)