Prehistoric computer created in the early 80's by Texas Instruments, used mainly as a game console. The system connected onto the back of a TV and consisted of a keyboard and a slot in which to place game cartridges. TI produced several generic games to go along with this system, such as Munchman and TI invaders, which were obviously based on popular arcade games. The TI ripoffs, though graphically inferior to their Namco and Atari counterparts, were more creative and often had more levels. Most games were impossible to beat, but could be "flipped" back to level 1. TI also created several great original games (Hunt the Wumpus, for example), and even some commercial games (Burger Time, e.g.) were made for TI use.

This "computer" was special in that you could program in your own video games. I only did this once, spending five hours punching in lines of code that dissapointingly resulted in this game where a stick figure bully chased a comma shaped victim through a row of periods. After that, I just stuck with the cartridges.

The TI Computer system showcased video games at their best. I recommend Parsec and Super Demon Attack as well as the games already mentioned. This was the only game console I owned for a great portion of my life.