From 6AM to whatever time the big kids get home from school, the Nickelodeon network broadcasts Nick Jr., a block of shows specially made to cater to the preschool audience. When I was a little girl, these shows included David the Gnome, Maple Town, Noozles, The Elephant Show, Eureeka's Castle, Pinwheel, Bill Cosby's picture pages, and more. These shows taught children the values of music and creativity, and were programs my older brothers and parents would watch with me sometimes, enjoying them without it being ironic.

It's a shame what Nick Jr. has become now. It seems the programs they air today, with the possible exception of Little Bill, look down to kids, and teach them how to become vegetables. I'll still watch Oswald once in awhile, but, like Teletubbies, it's purely for the sake of irony.

Sure, the cartoons that came on in my tender years may have been a little scary, weird, or un-PC, but my friends and I turned out alright. Why did things have to change? Why does kids' TV suck now?